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Earn BUSD for promotion:
3% from each level 1 referral deposits
2% from each level 2 referral deposits
1% from each level 3 referral deposits


Complete the challenges to get airdrop
You can receive 100 FOMO every 7 days
Have at least ... BUSD in Stake
7 days since the last airdrop claim
Have 5
more referrals

Available for Airdrop


In the coming days there will be many giveaway
first giveaway can be found on the @BUSDFomoCommunity


  • How to invest in BUSDFomo?

    Stake your BUSD and earn daily staking rewards in FOMO tokens (2% per day). You can claim your FOMO rewards at anytime. You cannot unstake your BUSD tokens.

  • In what I get the daily percentage?

    You will earn FOMO tokens as a percentage of BUSD invested irrespective of the FOMO Price

  • How does the token value increase?

    The value of the token increases with the investments in busd in the platform, and with the increase of tokens inserted in staking

  • How does the stake work?

    If you invest 100 BUSD you will receive 2 FOMO per day 2. You have two options with your FOMO tokens, you can sell them for BUSD, or you can stake them to earn more FOMO tokens (4% per day). FOMO staking is locked for 7 days

  • Can I make multiple deposits?

    Absolutely! There is no limit to the number of your deposits.

  • Do you have a referral program?

    Yes, our referral program features 3 levels of referral rewards. For the friends that you invite, you receive a % of their deposits. Check the percentages for each level on our website.

  • Where can I follow the latest news?

    Follow our social media channels where we publish all the latest updates.